Sample Meal Plan

Spinach frittata


The Cruise Control Diet offers many delicious ideas to start your day. A spinach frittata is just one example. Keep in mind that there is no requirement to eat breakfast on our program. You can skip it altogether or you can make it your biggest meal of the day. It really comes down to your personal preference and we take that into account every step or the way.

Chicken salad


For lunch we usually recommend your favorite salad with a good protein such as chicken in this example. If you do not like salad, do not worry. There are many other ways to get the nutrition you need to keep you full and healthy.

Salmon with side salad


Grilled salmon with side vegetables. We usually recommend this meal with several side dishes of your choice. Please note that if you don't like seafood or have an allergy, that is not a problem. All meals can be substituted to match your taste.


Desserts and Snacks

Indulging in your favorite treats on a regular basis is one of the secrets behind the success of our readers. Cheat meals are incorporated in the meal plans two times a week. These can be any food of your choice including pastries, ice cream or your favorite pizza. Our readers are able to go out and enjoy birthdays, holidays and all of life without feeling restricted or like they are on a diet. Why and how to use cheat meals is discussed in detail in the Core Program.