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How it works

Metabolic Reset

We begin by removing all foods that cause bloating and weight gain and start fresh. The metabolic reset phase lasts for two weeks and is meant to bring your hormones back in balance*.

Cruise Control

Once you're on the path to a leaner you, your favorite foods are added back in at strategic times to maximize adherence to the program and optimal results*.

Rapid Phase

This optional phase employs intermittent fasting to accelerate results and help you reach your goals faster*.

What you get


Here's a Recap of What You Receive
with The Cruise Control Diet:

  • The Core Program - a simple plan that shows you how to achieve a healthy weight by eating natural, whole foods (while avoiding those that cause weight gain)...
  • The Cook Book - with more than 70 delicious recipes to help you reach your fitness goals while keeping things fun and tasty...
  • The Jumpstart Guide - which walks you through your first week of grocery shopping and helps you quickly implement the program...
  • Ongoing support to help you stay on track (as well as weekly recipes to keep things fun and tasty)...